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Live a rental experience different from the traditional one.

At Bancolombia we seek to provide you with comprehensive services to accompany you at every moment of your life, which is why, in the company of our partner Nomad Living, an expert operator in Multifamily and a pioneer in Latin America, you will be able to rent an apartment with a strategic location where you will feel safe from the get go.

Our purpose is to ensure that you can live the best experience, where we will provide you with support so that you feel comfortable and have everything you need in one place.

You may be wondering what is Multifamily? And why is it different?

It is a new housing trend in Colombia and Nomad 77 is the first building in which you can experience this concept.
  1. It is a model in which all the apartments in the building are for lease.
  2. This new alternative has multiple benefits, since it provides a series of extra and differential services:
  • Have the possibility of including furniture rental within the lease.
  • Enjoy apartments that have a washing machine (depending on the type), refrigerator, stove, microwave oven and curtains.
  • Pay everything in the same bill such as utilities, rental furniture or additional services.
  • Feel the support of an administration that is aware of the operation of the entire building and will take charge effectively and immediately in the event of any problem in the apartment, for example, if a faucet leaks or if there is an electrical fault.
  • Enjoy the community of the building, supported by different unique common areas to improve your stay and well-being.
  • Being close to restaurants, shopping centers and much more.