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Apartment Amenities

Pet Policy

Tenants will be allowed to have up to two pets in their rental unit. It is forbidden to have pets whose ownership, possession or breeding is restricted by national or local authorities. Nevertheless, the tenant, according to the particular case will be able to have the pets authorized in the lease or rental contract.

Each pet must have its health documentation in order and be visually examined by the management before a final approval.

In case of the infiltration of a pet into an unauthorized level within the building, a penalty fee must be paid and the pet evicted from the premises without any consideration, the same will be applicable in case of damage to the unit, the building and/or any person in it, just as these are proven and justifiable, measures will be taken on behalf of Nomad 77.

There is a list of dog breeds that won’t be allowed in the building, for they are considered aggressive and/or dangerous, unless they are expressly authorized. This list can be consulted with the management.



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